Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Top 10 Most Common Home Repairs

Top Ten Home Repairs

If you own a home or are thinking about owning a home you need to be familiar with this list of the top 10 most common home repairs.

10. Replacing Toilet Valves
How annoying is a running toilet? And not only is it annoying, but it's wasteful too. Calling a plumber can be expensive, with rates running from $50.00 to $150 per hour! The good news is that you can learn to fix most of these problems through YouTube, so don't be afraid to get a little dirty!

9. Leaky Faucet Repairs
Here's another job that can be a costly professional repair. Leaky faucets can be tricky to repair on your own, but again, don't be afraid to go to YouTube and see if there's a video that can help you do the repair on your own.

8. Replacing a Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans are great, but motors often burn out. Replacing a ceiling fan isn't a difficult job, but if you aren't familiar with working with electricity or wiring can be dangerous! Don't hesitate to call a professional to do this job for you if you aren't absolutely sure you can do it safely.

7. Drywall Repairs
Drywall repairs are super easy! I used to think they were a bit difficult until I found a few YouTube videos that showed me some really cool tips and tricks. I used to hate working with drywall, now I love it!

6. Replacing Cracked Tiles
This is one of those jobs that you're better off having a professional do. Don't risk breaking more tiles.

5. Fixing Caulk
Easy. Just dig out the old caulk, clean the area thoroughly, and apply new caulk.

4. Fixing Broken Gutters
If they're just loose you should be able to fix them by replacing screws or hardware. If they're really banged up a handy man can remove them, correct the pitch, and reattach them for you.

3. Re-Aligning Doors
A time settles over time. One of the things you might notice is doors no longer open or shut properly. Shims can be used to re-align the doors properly.

2. Repainting
Old paint can crack and peel. Remove old paint through chemical paint remover or steam and repaint.

1. Light Switch Repair
Mechanical light switches can become faulty for reasons as simple as loose wiring, or mechanical wear and tear. A simple tightening of a few screws or even a full replacement may be in order. Again, don't to this unless you know how to work with home wiring.