Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY Spider Web Dish

I love to shop; unfortunately, I don't have the funds to purchase everything I like. So when I was in JCPenney a week ago, I saw, and fell in love with, this Halloween dish.

Sorry about the picture quality, it was from my ipod.
It was only $10, but I thought I could replicate it for less (and have a project!). So off to Goodwill where I found The. Perfect. Platter.

I love the little ball detail around the edge! I also loved the price: $1.88! I love a good deal, but who doesn't?

In my head, I envisioned using masking to tape to create the web design. In reality, this was not the best idea. I cut little strips out of the tape about 1/8" wide, which was time consuming and not that easy, to be honest. The straight lines were no problem, it was the curves in between that got me. I thought I was brilliant when I came up with the idea to use nail strips (the stickers for French manicures), but that only worked for the smaller spaces. So I scratched that idea and started over.

The second time around, I decided to make my own stencil with contact paper. I drew out the webs in pencil first, then went over them with a black Sharpie marker to widen the lines.

Then I carefully cut out all the white spaces with my craft knife. I did it in small parts to make it manageable. You really need to have a lot of patience when it comes time to remove the backing from the contact paper and adhere it on the plate. Luckily for me, my fiance has worked with decals many times and helped me with the first web.

Getting my design to line up was also difficult because the circle that you see in the above picture altered the plans some. I used a wipe off marker on the other side to mark the center and quarter off the platter to help line everything up.

After all the webs were on, I carfeully wiped off all my finger prints (I have no idea if they would show through the glass under the spray paint.) and smoothed down all the contact paper. I didn't want the edge detail to be black, so I meticulously covered each ball with masking tape. Then, out to the garage to spray paint it. I used matte black since I knew it would be shiny when it was right-side up.

After the recommended 25 minutes of drying time, I brought the dish inside and started removing all the contact paper and masking tape. This went smoothly and quickly.

It looked good upside down, but even better right-side up, so it shined.

The webs are by no means perfect, and paint got under the contact paper in a few small spots near the center where the circle is. But you have to be really inspecting the dish to see the imperfections, plus, it's for Halloween, so imperfect doesn't matter in my eyes; it gives it that much more charm.

All in all, I spent around the $10 the inspiration plate cost, but technically, this plate still costs less considering the cost of the platter ($1.88), the fact that there is a ton of contact paper left for more projects (I only used 14" of a 20' roll that was under $5), and only a small amount of a $5 can of Krylon spray paint.

I'm glad I didn't purchase the dish from JCPenney; I love my homemade one better. The ball detail really does it for me. Have you ever replicated anything you saw in a store, knowing you could make it yourself? There are a lot of "knock-offs" on other blogs and Pinterest. What would you like to knock off?

Update 10/31/12 - This project was featured on Made in a Day!! OMG! Seriously, how awesome is that!?! To be featured on another blog is HUGE for me!!

Update 11/01/12 - Sugar Bee Crafts also featured this!! I am speechless!

Update 11/05/12 - Just saw that Petite Hermione featured my project!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hand Surgery

Here's what I have to deal with for the next two weeks. Please understand if I can't post too many updates or reply to comments. I do have a blog post ready for next week, though.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Interchangeable Fall Wreath

I wanted a wreath for my mini wreath stand and when I saw a grape vine wreath for $2.50 (I think; I know it wasn't more than that) at Target I snatched it up. I also wanted to be able to use it repeatedly, not just during the fall, so I figured out a way to make the wreath interchangeable. I cut some orange felt into strips to fit and hot glued paperclips to the back.

My thinking is to slide the bent parts in between strands of the vines to keep the felt attached to the wreath.

Then I hot glued imitation leaves to the felt.

First layer of leaves

I did two layers to make sure none of the felt was visible.

Second layer

Then I hot glued a small ear of Indian corn, some little acorns, and a few pumpkins.

Finally, I cut some ribbon and wrapped it around the rest of the wreath.

Here it is on the mini wreath stand.

I also used the same method on a candle. I wrapped it with felt, hot glued leaves on, and tied a ribbon around it, making a bow.

I plan on reusing both the candle and the wreath, changing out the decorations with the seasons/holidays. Stay tuned to see what I come up with for December!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday's Favorites: Halloween 2012 {Pinterest}

If you can believe it, October is now half over, so I thought I'd round up my favorite Halloween-related pins from Pinterest. I figured if I posted them now and inspired anyone, there'd still be time to get a last-minute project finished in time.

Made in a Day made this amazing mantel vignette. I love everything about this. Seriously, everything!

Beaux R'eves turned an entire dining room into a scene from a scary movie. Make sure you check out the whole post with all the pictures.

These creepy crawlers are from Tatortots and Jello's guest post. I hate spiders, but these little guys are so elegant-looking, how can you not want to make them?

Someday I am going to have an all-out Halloween party, and when I do, I want these invitations from Folded Words.

Pinned Image

Saw Dust and Paper Scraps made this awesome candelabra.

Every time I do the whole pumpkin seed thing, mine always end up chewy. They taste good, but they don't have that satisfying crunch they're supposed to have. Next time I'm going to try The Crafty Blog Stalker's recipe. (There's an important step I didn't know about.)

There you have it, my favorite Halloween pins from Pinterest for 2012. Do you agree or do you know of some more fantastic ideas? Also, if you want to see what else I think is pin-worthy, feel free to click on the Pinterest button at the top of the left sidebar.

**If you see something you like, please do not pin from my page; go to the author's blog and pin from there. The links should take you directly to the correct post.**

If you were featured here, please feel free to take a button.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Word Art {Free Printable}

Have you heard of Wordle? It's pretty awesome if you like word art. You can browse through the gallery (other user's saved work) or make your own. If you use the advanced tab, you can designate which words are bigger and more prominent then others, even choose each word's color (if you're into hex codes). Once Wordle generates your "cloud," as they call it, you can change the font, the layout, and the color scheme.

I don't really have a whole lot of decorations for Halloween, most of my things are for autumn in general, so I decided to do one for Halloween.

You can use mine if you want or you can create your own. I printed it out put it into an unused frame I already had. First I placed it on an end table, and it looked OK.

I tried it in another area and like it better here...

I had fun thinking up Halloween related words to use and deciding which ones I wanted to really stand out. I hope you give Wordle a try. I plan on doing another for Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Smells Like Team Spirit

I know, I couldn't resist (I still love Nirvana); and yes, I am a dork, LOL.

A couple of weeks ago, my town's high school had it's homecoming. The football game was against a pretty tough team. In fact, the last time we won against them was 2003. The game was awesome, and if I say it was good, you know it was (I have minimal knowledge when it comes to football). While sitting in the stands, I came up with the idea to make a wreath celebrating the team's victory. I decided on a cupcake liner wreath because I think it kind of resembles a pom pon.

I've read pretty much all of Tatortots and Jello's posts and I knew she had made a tutorial, so I headed over to her blog. Sure enough, I found it.

Tutorial Link
To make just the wreath, I used a styrofoam wreath form, hot glue, and about 125 cupcake liners.

I started by wrapping the form with red crepe paper streamers to hide the yellow.

Then I added a polka dot ribbon.

I won't cover all the steps; you can find them over at Tatortots and Jello's (just follow the links above). Here is mine before I embellished it.

For the center, I printed out the team's logo and enlarged it to the size I needed. Then I measured out a line to use to cut out a piece of foam core.

Next, I duplicated the same cutout but with cardstock. The foam core had some rough edges and wasn't as white as I wanted. I used double sided tape to put the two together.

Being that it's October and Halloween is coming up, I couldn't find black glitter any where. Instead, I bought a pack of glitter covered foam sheets that included a black sheet. I layered the team logo on top of the glitter foam and used a craft knife to cut out the shape and some of the details. I couldn't get all the small parts of the logo because some were just too small.

I don't know what happened to the rest of the pictures about this part, but I used a paint pen to outline the E and P and I glued red glitter to the E.
My fiance had the idea to put my son's number on the wreath, so I cut it out of the glitter sheet, too, and used a piece of white card stock for a background. I outlined the numbers with a black Sharpie.

The glitter sheet has an adhesive back, so I peeled off the paper and stuck it down on the cardstock backgrounds.
To hang the logo in the center of the wreath, I hot glued string to the back, wrapped the string around the wreath (hidden under the cupcake liners), and hot glued the ends down.

I put a mini cupcake liner behind the numbers and hot glued loops of a thin polka dot ribbon on the back and then adhered it to the lower right of the wreath.

The red cupcake liners came in packs with yellow and blue; the blue gave me the idea to make a Chicago Bears wreath. Our extended family gets together every game to watch it and hang out together.

I am really pleased with how both wreaths came out! Have you ever made a wreath with cupcake liners? There are several examples on Pinterest. If you've made one, I'd love to see it.

P.S. I am linking up with these lovely ladies...