Friday, October 19, 2012

Interchangeable Fall Wreath

I wanted a wreath for my mini wreath stand and when I saw a grape vine wreath for $2.50 (I think; I know it wasn't more than that) at Target I snatched it up. I also wanted to be able to use it repeatedly, not just during the fall, so I figured out a way to make the wreath interchangeable. I cut some orange felt into strips to fit and hot glued paperclips to the back.

My thinking is to slide the bent parts in between strands of the vines to keep the felt attached to the wreath.

Then I hot glued imitation leaves to the felt.

First layer of leaves

I did two layers to make sure none of the felt was visible.

Second layer

Then I hot glued a small ear of Indian corn, some little acorns, and a few pumpkins.

Finally, I cut some ribbon and wrapped it around the rest of the wreath.

Here it is on the mini wreath stand.

I also used the same method on a candle. I wrapped it with felt, hot glued leaves on, and tied a ribbon around it, making a bow.

I plan on reusing both the candle and the wreath, changing out the decorations with the seasons/holidays. Stay tuned to see what I come up with for December!


  1. Looks great! I love the wreath NOT hanging on the door! Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.

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  6. So clever that this decoration is versatile!
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