Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY Spider Web Dish

I love to shop; unfortunately, I don't have the funds to purchase everything I like. So when I was in JCPenney a week ago, I saw, and fell in love with, this Halloween dish.

Sorry about the picture quality, it was from my ipod.
It was only $10, but I thought I could replicate it for less (and have a project!). So off to Goodwill where I found The. Perfect. Platter.

I love the little ball detail around the edge! I also loved the price: $1.88! I love a good deal, but who doesn't?

In my head, I envisioned using masking to tape to create the web design. In reality, this was not the best idea. I cut little strips out of the tape about 1/8" wide, which was time consuming and not that easy, to be honest. The straight lines were no problem, it was the curves in between that got me. I thought I was brilliant when I came up with the idea to use nail strips (the stickers for French manicures), but that only worked for the smaller spaces. So I scratched that idea and started over.

The second time around, I decided to make my own stencil with contact paper. I drew out the webs in pencil first, then went over them with a black Sharpie marker to widen the lines.

Then I carefully cut out all the white spaces with my craft knife. I did it in small parts to make it manageable. You really need to have a lot of patience when it comes time to remove the backing from the contact paper and adhere it on the plate. Luckily for me, my fiance has worked with decals many times and helped me with the first web.

Getting my design to line up was also difficult because the circle that you see in the above picture altered the plans some. I used a wipe off marker on the other side to mark the center and quarter off the platter to help line everything up.

After all the webs were on, I carfeully wiped off all my finger prints (I have no idea if they would show through the glass under the spray paint.) and smoothed down all the contact paper. I didn't want the edge detail to be black, so I meticulously covered each ball with masking tape. Then, out to the garage to spray paint it. I used matte black since I knew it would be shiny when it was right-side up.

After the recommended 25 minutes of drying time, I brought the dish inside and started removing all the contact paper and masking tape. This went smoothly and quickly.

It looked good upside down, but even better right-side up, so it shined.

The webs are by no means perfect, and paint got under the contact paper in a few small spots near the center where the circle is. But you have to be really inspecting the dish to see the imperfections, plus, it's for Halloween, so imperfect doesn't matter in my eyes; it gives it that much more charm.

All in all, I spent around the $10 the inspiration plate cost, but technically, this plate still costs less considering the cost of the platter ($1.88), the fact that there is a ton of contact paper left for more projects (I only used 14" of a 20' roll that was under $5), and only a small amount of a $5 can of Krylon spray paint.

I'm glad I didn't purchase the dish from JCPenney; I love my homemade one better. The ball detail really does it for me. Have you ever replicated anything you saw in a store, knowing you could make it yourself? There are a lot of "knock-offs" on other blogs and Pinterest. What would you like to knock off?

Update 10/31/12 - This project was featured on Made in a Day!! OMG! Seriously, how awesome is that!?! To be featured on another blog is HUGE for me!!

Update 11/01/12 - Sugar Bee Crafts also featured this!! I am speechless!

Update 11/05/12 - Just saw that Petite Hermione featured my project!


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